September 10, 2016

From Goodier to Gale


I will never get bored of my days spent at Trevenna capturing a wedding day as it unfolds.

Zara and Ed flew over from Singapore last month to become Mr and Mrs Gale under the stunning new Arbour. It was a wonderful day and such a pleasure to be part of it.

Here are some snippets from their beautiful wedding –



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ze-179 ze-223
ze-224 ze-266
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ze-309 ze-322
ze-343 ze-344
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ze-389 ze-390
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ze-431ze-455 ze-473 ze-485 ze-521 ze-522 ze-543 ze-609 ze-620 ze-625 ze-652 ze-653 ze-688 ze-696 ze-697 ze-723 ze-732 ze-735 ze-736 ze-746 ze-755 ze-761 ze-779 ze-785 ze-786 ze-787 ze-814 ze-838 ze-855 ze-856 ze-1040 ze-1041 ze-1077 ze-1083 ze-1084 ze-1143 ze-1186 ze-1214 ze-1215 ze-1223 ze-1226 ze-1232 ze-1242 ze-1249ze-dance


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